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Welcome to the TWPUB Prize Winner page. You may have entered by mistake, trial and error and/or by viewing the source code. Regardless, your curiosity, persistance or luck is admirable.

In appreciation, as our site is not overwhelmed with high-volume traffic, we will send one of our Creature Pencils (one per household, while supplies last) to people who reach this page. All you have to do is send us an e-mail with the words "Creature Pencil" as the Subject line and let us know the date and time you accessed this page. Be sure to include a name and address where we can send the Creature Pencil (we pay postage & handling). As noted on our PRIVACY & ABOUT THIS SITE page, no names or addresses are released or used for mailings. However, if you like and with your permission, we will list your name (no address) on this page as the Prize Winner.

The pencil (shown below) is quite outstanding, colorful, fully mellinnium compliant, stable on all but the most severe inclined plane, eraser free to encourage artists and writers not to worry about making mistakes, suitable for right or left hand use and can be sharpened on both ends for hours of uninterrupted writing/drawing/doodling pleasure.

Creature Pencil

Added incentive for the persistent Grand Prize Winner: The first person to send us e-mail encrypted using PGP will receive a Creature Pen (shown below). Just put "Creature Pen" as the Subject line in your encrypted mail and then follow the same instructions given for the Creature Pencil prize. To begin, go to the PRIVACY & ABOUT THIS SITE page and look at the SECURITY topic.

The pen is also outstanding - radiating translucent blue, soft and comfortable grip, laser etched gold (yet tasteful) CREATURES title and black/replacable cartridge.

Creature Pen

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