Chapter III

Creature Love (excerpts)

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Creature Love [255k]


You can like, you can love

In wonderful places,

All filled with familiar

Shapes, colors and faces.


Love furry pets, foods

Or climbing a hill

Running, skip jumping

Then rest, sitting still


Love being held tight

And getting a hug

That surrounds and protects you

Safe snug as a bug.


Love a soft silky blanket,

A favorite cuddly toy

A warm bubbly bath

Can even bring joy.


Swim in cool water,

Balance on a beam,

Walk in the woods

Pursuing a dream,


The bustle of crowds

Noise of the city

Companion pet dog

Or the purr of a kitty


To sing loud and strong

Or hum a small ditty

To joke with guffaw

Or be soft and witty.


A moment to yourself

Wonderfully alone

Accompanied by the sound

Of silence's drone,


Cleaned up, all dressed up

In your nicest clothes -

Or dirty, grimy

With mud on your nose.


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