Chapter IX

Creature Alone (excerpts)


Creatures do come along

In numbers large and small

But each one still counts

Whether they're short or tall.


We're talking of 2's

3, 4, 5, 6 and more,

Both Creatures and animals

Humans and more.


Big bands and brigades

Batallions I'm sure.

Gangs, groups and gaggles

And seal pods with fur.


Clusters and clumps,

Great swarms of small fleas,

Casts, crews and crowds

Stingy hives of hot bees.


Platoons, hoards and heaps,

A bevy of quails,

Packs, parties, cohorts,

A great gam of whales.


Companies, covies

Coterie and cabal,

Multitude, mobs --

We will mention them all.


There are squads, there are slews,

Fleets and high soaring flocks,

Regiments and throngs,

That wind around blocks.


Troupes, tribes, special clubs

Large legions and droves

A murmurations,

Starlings in the groves.


Nightingale watches

Skeins of flying geese,

Herds of woolly sheep

Toasty warm in fleece.


Panoplies and piles,

Bananas in a bunch,

Dark plague of locusts

That crunch up their lunch.


Springs of winged teal,

Charms of fine finches,

Schools, shoals of fishes,

Litters of grinches.


Pride of the lion,

And sloths of big bears,

Foxes in skulks,

All tucked in their lairs.


Kennels of kind dogs,

And clowders of cats,

And what would you call

A nice bunch of rats?


But before we go on,

Let us not forget,

The importance of one

Whom we have not met.


You have Creature Alone

When you start off with one;

We'll add one at a time

And have more when we're done.


Add one, then you have

Creature Couple - that's two.

Then bring in another

To make something new.


You get Creature Group

With three, four, or more.

There's a different Creature

When the numbers soar.


Somewhere you will find.

A bit bigger size.

We'll call critter crowd,

He's not very wise.


He's just sort of big

And doesn't think well.

Just too many brains

That can't even tell


The difference between

Who, when, where, or what.

One big ol' critter

Stuck deep in a rut.


Critter crowd moves about

Without even knowing,

But moving anyway,

Not sure where he's going.


Like so many other Creatures,

No one is the best.

Each has his own time

A place in your nest.


Take Creature Alone.

Sometimes he's just right

For peace and quiet

During day or night.


Alone helps you do things.

Like discovering who

You are all by yourself

And just what you can do.


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