Flight: Stylized F with bird

Flight: A limited edition Fine Arts Book

by William Charles Schirado


Teresa Marie Assenzo

Chapter VI

Two birds fight... October 28 was a cool Fall day. The mountains carved a jagged edge against the clear sky. village workers were astonished to see the birds separate to a never before seen distance. The village chief watched in disbelief as the birds turned and descended at steep, intersecting angles. Village elders watched calmly as the birds increased speed, leveled their flight and continued on course. The instant before collision, each bird seemed to stop in midair suspended for a brief second, floating, before grabbing the others' talons. Merging in a deadly handshake, they tumbled toward earth without movement of wing, embracing, claws entwined like roots of an ancient tree.

Description of Flight
Size Pages Stock Binding Hard Cover Artwork
8.5 x 11 20 100#, acid-free paper Hand-sewn Padded, embossed, simulated goatskin Seven original graphite drawings

Each edition is individually hand-sewn and bound, signed and numbered.

ISBN: 0-9660166-0-2

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