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R.I.P. Dr. William C. Schirado 1946 - 2020

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Dr. William C. Schirado peacefully departed this vale of tears on Sunday, the first of March, 2020. Condolences, prayers and other correspondence will be received at for the foreseeable future. Should you wish to make a charitable donation in his name, the family suggest you give to the cancer-related charity of your choosing. Books will continue to be available exclusively at Tattoos by Raven in Otsego, Michigan.

Enjoy this free ebook released for Christmas 2017, Creatures: A Bedtime Story (PDF).

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"delightful, whimsical illustrations...written with contagious exuberance"Blue Ink
"problematic...[and] potentially illegal"Kirkus Reviews

Creatures In the Kitchen Cover Creatures' Journey Through Life Cover Creatures Cover Flight Cover Sample Print

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